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Painting Verdugo Park at an event celebrating the many cultures in Glendale CA. I ended up on some sort of news thing on TV but I missed seeing it.
I like to help and part of my income from painting goes to non-profit organizations. I worked for many years in a non-profit organization. I helped some people off heavy drugs, helped a gang member to turn around and help others, helped women with their pain and loss and generally fulfilled myself in so helping. However, I eventually could not physically keep up with what was needed.
I loved to paint when a teenager but had no-one to teach me any technique and gave up. So, after many decades finally I brought back to life my old purpose -- to create paintings and share life's beauty with others. And meanwhile, 20 percent of my profits go to effective non-profit organizations.
I am now self-taught but was inspired by the impressionist painters and saw many of their paintings in Paris. Monet and Van Gogh influenced me greatly. I often wonder what Van Gogh would have painted if he had lived longer. And what would Monet paint now, if he were alive? I recently came back from Monet's France, visiting where he painted and saw how they are now. I also saw many beautiful places there that he did not get around to painting, so I will be adding my sketches and paintings to my site soon. And just as Monet gave his paintings of the water lilies for the purpose of peace, I wish to carry on his flag. Twenty per cent of my sales go to effective non-profit organizations.
I also had a mentor from Brighton Art college in England who was encouraging and showed me a few basic techniques. So, somehow these paintings are happening through my desire to communicate the beauty of life and help others.
I hope you enjoyed the paintings, you can always give me some feedback on katydid@katydidart.com. You can always call me on 818 720 0842 too.
You know, a painting commission can be yours -- it is great fun getting me the data and your ideas and it is very much a joint creation when I do a commission. I do my best to work with your budget and ideas. The Commission page is http://www.katydidart.com/6.html.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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