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Why have art, anyway?
For thousands of years, artists have dreamed up the future. Take Leonardo, his flying machine that he sketched so long ago was just a dream, but became real.
Artists can make or break a civilization, and should aim to to create a better, positive future and not a sour one. Most artists can rise above the sadness of life and communicate something happier, something to inspire. Something for you.
The art in KatyDid Art has been done for you, to inspire, stimulate, or simply relax with. If you did not get to see the KatyDid Impressionist art, go to
If you did not get to see how to commission a painting, please visit
Relax and enjoy the view!
Art to Life productions:
Want to see some beautiful watercolors? For watercolor art originals and reproductions, visit

Also: Check out Chris and Maggie's Music. We were both just at an Art and Music Fair in April.. Their music is refreshingly beautiful, human and unpretentious.

Please visit KatyDid Art again soon as there's a lot of paintings in my mind I need to put on canvas.

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