Monet's France:
I ventured out to see Monet's France for myself. I visited his home, garden, and famous water lily pond -- all of which was overwhelmingly beautiful in the soft Normandy light.
I looked to see what might attract Monet to paint now. I went up and down the River Seine on both banks (which is hard as the bridges over the River Seine are about 15 or more miles apart down very narrow country roads). I also visited the locations he painted, such as the cliffs at Etretat (Elephant Rock) and where he lived at Vetheuil and Giverny. I did many oil sketches but have only managed so far to do two paintings from the sketches and here they are. I do not know what value to put on them as they are, to me, invaluable as they came from a chance of a lifetime for any artist.
I am happy to share them on this page. I may sell them if the price overwhelms me more than the beauty of keeping a part of Monet's world. But I can do a similar painting for you at half the price, so consider a painting commission for yourself, right?
Monet's lily. $395 or make me an offer. I found out that Monet decided to excavate a pond at Giverny because he saw a red water lily at an exhibition in France. He loved it. Wanted it. Up until then, you could only get white water lilies in France because of the cold winter which would kill off any tropical red lilies. So this is a historic red lily that started the famous lily pond and the many paintings he did of them. All proceeds from this painting go towards the promotion of peace and understanding in the Middle East.
Reflections, Monet's Bridge. $395 or make me an offer. The air is magically light there, sitting by the pond sketching... I get happily choked up thinking of it... definitely a happy place.
More paintings will come as and when I can.
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