Why "KatyDid Art"?

A katydid is a huge and very green insect that looks like a cricket or grasshopper.
As a child, I read the "What Katy Did" books, which I found enjoyable.
My first name is Kathleen: Katy for short. My married name is Didcoate. I guess this is an apt name for a painter: did coat. So, I (Katy Did Coate) started drawing a katydid as my signature on each canvas which you will see if you look closely as it tends to blend into the scenery. If there's no katydid, then the painting is a fake! Shortly after that, a huge green katydid appeared on my ceiling. Astonished, as I have never seen one in my life, I took this as confirmation of my name. The katydid was gently relocated to a bush outside, and was happily sunning herself on a geranium last time I looked.
Note: as I am an English artist, I am sticking to English spelling on my own web site to be consistent. I hope it is not too confusing. Be sure, I love America too, or else why would I live here!

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