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Do you have a bare wall? Let's make it glow with life and colour
Commission prices are negotiable. I would prefer that you have your own painting, rather than go without!
When you commission a painting from me, your painting can be just how you want it but with the Katydid creative ideas too. When you give a painting, you are giving a big helping of joy that will last for generations. Email me your ideas or photos or both and we will have some fun! Here are some examples of impressionist painting commissions:

Joshua Tree. Painting commission. Feel the space!

Treasure Lake Reflections above is 6 feet tall and graceful.
Boat 10 on The Hudson. From Teresa to her love.
Along the much-loved theme of "Reflections" here is a hint of a large set of 3 paintings done for a New York collector -- you have to see them "live" to see their true beauty:
Contact me by email for having an image like the above printed on 3 canvases or getting your own paintings at
Here's a "Katydid" for a very special lady with a loving family:
And, for Michael, with love from Gina:
The two painting commissions are of the same magnificent house, which has many happy memories attached, now preserved for posterity on archival quality canvas.
Do you have a favourite place you would like on your wall?
Los Cabos, Mexico -- a wedding gift of where they married! Romance is in the fresh sea air with this painting commission for a wedding gift. The painting was inscribed with their never-to-be-forgotten wedding date. A painting of a wedding scene is an ideal wedding gift, agreed? You can commission a painting too. Email me at or call 818 720 0842, West Coast normal hours including Saturdays and Sundays.
And here is a painting commission for a New York collector for his birthday --
Reflections Wide.
A commission for a painting in the style of the above is in the region of $500 to $900 depending on the size and time taken to execute. Contact me and I will work with your budget to get you a gift beyond normal expectations.
The proud owner of Wide Reflections gave me approval to print his "thank you" note too:
"Thank you so much for the beautiful painting! It received "thumbs-up" at my birthday gathering... and thank you for adding the painting to your website. Now I can visit it throughout the day at work!..."
ARCO Tower, Los Angeles. This painting is called Expansion as it was painted for the LA County Bar Association on the event of the Grand Opening of their beautiful new premises in this building. This image is copyrighted (c) 2009, 2011 by Katy Didcoate, all reproduction rights reserved. Limited edition prints on canvas can be ordered, 20% of the proceeds go to providing legal aid for victims of domestic violence. Contact
Here's such a romantic commission. A picture of 'The Proposal" for a first wedding anniversary. For Silke with love from Shaun:
Yes, that is the St. Louis Arch, and the Old Courthouse in the picture.
"She absolutely loved it... You really captured the moment of our engagement. The painting is truly special, and something we'll cherish for years. Thank you..."
Shaun, it was a real pleasure!
"Our First Home". This is for Charles with love from Jennie. and a close-up of the dogs Dixie and Belle:
Can you guess where this is?
It is The Stanley Hotel that inspired Stephen King's "The Shining" and is in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado where many people get married. The painting was commissioned as a wedding present and the wedding day was inscribed on the rock, never to be forgotten on anniversaries.
Have a friend getting married? Commission a painting for them as a wedding gift and I will put their wedding date on the painting. Email me today or call 818-720-0842 (Pacific Standard Time please).
If you love art, then you are a friend and I will do my best to give you a painting beyond your expectations. When you commission a painting, I love to work with your ideas and give you something personally unique.
Commission your painting today. Your ideas are valuable, after all, it is your
painting. Write or call me with what you have in mind for a painting commission and I will happily make it happen. I can also do abstracts too that enhance your decor at home or forward your corporate image at work. Contact me at
or call 818 720 0842 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Pacific time.
Yes, I LOVE painting for folks. I have many more ideas that I need to paint so make sure you come back to KatyDid Art to see the latest paintings.
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